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Product Description Product Performance
  • Macroperforated Shrink Film

    We provide micro perforation per customer order for all series of ZHONGDA® films.
    Micro perforated film is suitable for shrink wrapping of vegetables, eggs, breads, and other food packaging. It accelerates the air exchange between packed food and outside air, which will promote food freshness.

    Regular Perforated Shrink Film

    We provide regular perforation per customer order for all series of ZHONGDA films.

    When packaging equipment use its own perforation system, perforation quality directly affects the air evacuation during shrinking. Many old packaging machines cannot maintain good perforation quality, which results in seal problems and package quality issues.

    ZHONGDA can provide you with pre-perforated film rolls so there is no need to perforate on your equipment. Our high standard perforation quality provides better quality packages and reduced costs.

    Single-Wound High-Speed packaging film

    Special film for flow pack equipment, designed for high speed packaging requirements. Superior strength and seal ability at speeds up to 200 packages per minute. 

    Cross-Linked Film of 38 Micron

    38 micron crosslinked film has elasticity, durability, and excellent clarity. This crosslinked film is specially designed for heavy packages and is a good substitute for corrugated cartons or PE film packages ZDF03 38 micron provides you with durable, economical packaging. It抯 suitable for most packing equipment.


    Cost Advantages:

    Much more economical than corrugated cardboard box packaging

    One step packing, additional materials are eliminated (such as: tape, inner package bag and band)

    Decrease space and weight of products, reducing transportation and storage costs

    Minimum storage space of packing material and products 

    Inventory reduction of packing supplies梠ne product instead of many

    High clarity provides retail ready, easy-to-see products

    Packaging integrity � no loose or lost components

    Shrink bag

    If automatic sealing equipment is not available, we offer customized shrink bags for use in a suitable shrink tunnel.

    Antistatic Shrink film

    This is a new shrink film with super static reduction. Film surface has very low resistivity and inherent antistatic properties which provides permanent product stability. Antistatic Shrink film has all properties of other Zhongda shrink film: strong seal, quick shrink, good machinability, etc. The excellent film clarity provides a retail ready package.


    Permanent antistatic protection.

    Amine free

    Stable resistivity on film surface

    Perfect seal and shrink properties.

    Seals easily on all equipment

    Quick shrink